Thursday, November 17, 2016

Song Review: Pray You Catch Me

Earlier this year, Beyoncé once again caused commotion by dropping her album Lemonade. This album went above and beyond my expectations and completely blew my mind. For this review I'm focusing on one of the more melancholy songs, "Pray You Catch Me". This song is one of my absolute favorites. It has so much emotion behind it and hauntingly beautiful yet simplistic background instrumentals and music. 

Acting as the sort of "introduction" to the album, the song is placed at the top of the list and is the first song in the visual album as well. It begins with a strange instruments and vocals,  but as the sound develops it becomes beautiful and pieces together. The lyrics begin backed up by slow piano music. As the song goes on, more instruments and 
sounds are added creating a marvelous tone for the song. The breathtaking instrumentals are paired with stunning and heavy lyrics such as "Nothing else ever seems to hurt like the smile on your face/ When it's only in my memories it don't hit me quite the same". The song goes on, telling the story of two lovers who have drifted apart. With a slow ending the final words spoken are a spine chilling, whispered"What are you doing my love?" leaving the listener speechless with only 22 lines of lyrics. This song to me is beautifully composed and is portrayed not only as a song, but divine art. 

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