Thursday, November 17, 2016

Caroline Added Verse

If you're up to date with music or social media, you've most likely heard the song "Caroline" play at some point. Written by Aminé , "Caroline" is a song you can let loose to and have fun listening to. However on Aminé's performance on the Tonight show added an impactful last verse. The whole performance begins and continues on as it normally does, however in place of the final verse he added his own twist. 
"9/11, a day that we're never forgettin'
11/9, a day that we're all regrettin'
If my president is Trump then it's relevant enough
To talk 'bout it on TV and not give a...
I'm Black, and I'm proud
My skin is brown and I'm loud

Everybody love it when a rapper tells some lies
Well that ain't me, homie, I guess that's a surprise
America wanna act all happy and holy
But deep down inside they're like Brad and Jolie
Caroline divine and I won't get specific
Club Banana the illest and it's too terrific
You can never make America great again
All you ever did was make this country hate again"
This clearly showed his anti-trump stance and brought to light some current events that some rappers are not addressing properly or at all. Though it caused some controversy, I think he's allowed to use his platform to speak about what he feels needs to be spoken about. My props to him, for making such a strong and impactful  statement in such a small window of time and using his music to make a difference. 

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